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This page is for documenting my experiences with DotNet. Practical problems that I faced and solutions I found. -Pradeep Kumar

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Friday, March 19, 2004
Changing the Properties of The Body Tag Programatically in WebForm

Declare the body tag element as a HtmlGenericControl as below
protected System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlGenericControl bodyTag;

Then you can add attributes to the body tag by using the syntax

bodyTag.Attributes.Add("bgcolor","#CCCCCC"); // This will set the body
bgcolor to be grey

That should do what you need.

Discussions in ASP.NET

Posted at 08:32 pm by tpkx
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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Injecting Client Side Scripts From Server

You can pass client side scripts from the ASP.NET server app by calling

-This will popup a MsgBox front of the browser window.

-This will popup a print dialog in the one which comes when you goto File->Print in IE.

Posted at 06:44 am by tpkx
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Selected Value Property of DropDownList Control

We developers coming from an ASP background find ASP.NET a bliss, especially after seeing nice functionality such as the selected value property of the DropDownList Control.

Frequently in web development we come across situations when values are dynamically loaded into a dropdownbox from a DB and a particular item has to be preselected programatically. This was done in a tedious manner by iterating through all the items in dropdownlist and comparing the listitem value's to the value what we want it to be selected and if it matches make the selected property to be true.

Phew! Along Came ASP.NET In ASP.NET the beauty the above functionality can be achieved by simply setting the selectedValue property to the value in the dropdown you want to be selected and freow it is done!! For example you have a set of departments in the DB with dept. code,dept. description for each.

Load these departments into dropdown as
Dim dbconn As New MySqlConnection(connStr)
Dim cmdfetch As New MySqlCommand("SELECT * FROM dept_master", dbconn)
dbreader = cmdfetch.ExecuteReader
drpDept.DataSource = dbreader
drpDept.DataTextField = "DEPT_DESC"
drpDept.DataValueField = "DEPT_CODE"

After that If the dept codes are like 100,101,102 ... I can select the department in the dropdown with value 101 as drpDept.SelectedValue = 101 and it gets selected. :-) Note: The selected value property is supported only in .NET framework1.1 dbconn.Dispose()

Posted at 06:39 am by tpkx
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Using Required Field Validator to validate dropdown box selections

A typical Dropdown will have a default "Select" listitem as the first item in the DropDown. The users will have to select some other listitem in the dropdown to proceed. They should not be allowed to proceed without making a selection in the dropdown. For these purposes the RequiredFieldValidator link can be used. But the validator won't throw an error as the default item "Select" has some value like 0 or -1. Solution: Set the InitialValue Property of the Required Field validator to "0" or -1  the default ListItem value and now the required field validator will function as required.

Posted at 11:33 pm by tpkx
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Printing From an ASP.NET Page, Injecting Client Side Script

This injects a client side script for popping up the windows print dialog.

Posted at 09:19 pm by tpkx
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